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Fan Protocol

Get ready for the new economy for all sports FANs around the world

What are the 2 most exciting things we know? That’s right, crypto & sports. And now we are joining these together in a fully decentralized DAO-driven FAN protocol allowing you to make returns while supporting your team.

But hold your horses, Cowboy, ‘cos that’s just the beginning.

Fan protocol is made by fans, for fans and will be governed by fans.

Ok, so how are you going to make money while being a fan?

1. NFT market

Have you ever been on a stadium and recorded with your own phone an amazing shot of a goal? Or captured with your camera the exact moment the ball is catched for a Touch Down? Or perhaps you have created…

Fan Protocol

The ultimate sports blockchain protocol. Exclusive Fan’s NFTs, team events and activities, fair betting pools, and Fan Tokens for Defi applications…

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