Presenting FAN Protocol

Get ready for the new economy for all sports FANs around the world

What are the 2 most exciting things we know? That’s right, crypto & sports. And now we are joining these together in a fully decentralized DAO-driven FAN protocol allowing you to make returns while supporting your team.

But hold your horses, Cowboy, ‘cos that’s just the beginning.

Fan protocol is made by fans, for fans and will be governed by fans.

Ok, so how are you going to make money while being a fan?

1. NFT market

Have you ever been on a stadium and recorded with your own phone an amazing shot of a goal? Or captured with your camera the exact moment the ball is catched for a Touch Down? Or perhaps you have created a digital fan-art masterpiece of your favourite player? Then make it unique with FAN!

Create your own NFTs in several clicks, publish them on a marketplace curated for fans and be find here the right audience!

Yeah yeah, we know, we are big fans too. We see the craziness of NFT and don’t want to miss the chance to get our hands on unrepeated special memorabilia.

Oh yeah, we also have a super cool surprise about one amazing content publisher, but more about that later…

2. Fair (yes, FAIR in block capital letters) betting

No bookies, no hidden fees, no commission. Wanna bet? Let’s f- go. Plain and simple.

You, the fans, can open decentralized betting pools for upcoming games. YOU set the rules, zero bullshit, and always the best quotes.

Win together with your team! (or with another if your team sucks)

3. DEFI for fans

So we are creating the most awesomest (we claim the copyright to this invented word) platform for fans and we aren’t including any DeFi. Hell no!

Stack both your team & $FAN tokens, lend them to other fans through lending pools and make tasty profits.

Note: Feel free to be original and use the expression “To The Moon”

Let’s see how all of this amazing shit works

The $FAN token

FAN Protocol is a network managed by DAO, in the heart of which is a $FAN token.

$FAN is your gas to issue and exchange NFTs, create and participate in betting pools & make returns through the various DEFI applications.

And most importantly, $FAN is our protocol governance token allowing you to vote to introduce new services, products & events for fans.

To sum up: $FAN does everything, grab as many as possible.

Fan Club Tokens

There are other tokens, one for each of the top soccer, basketball and American football teams worldwide.

They are different to the $FAN token, they allow you to take action in special activities related to that team:

Participate in raffles

Don’t wanna bet because you know shit about the upcoming game or you always pick the wrong side? Let mother luck earn you some bucks in the form of tickets to games, rare memorabilia, private events… Each of your Fan Club Tokens will act as a ticket to these exclusive raffles. So the more you own, the more chances you have to win.

There will be raffles for all team tokens but also some raffles just for one specific team: You probably don’t want a signed t-shirt of Messi when you own Real Madrid tokens, right? But if you are a dirty scab and want it anyway just get some Barça tokens and go for it!

VIP Access

Access to different sales and organised events only accessible to each team’s Fan Club Token holders. No phones inside!!! Some weird shit going on there… Just kidding, if you get the chance to attend any of these events be sure to take as many pics and videos as possible because they are going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Yes yes, and then you can make that material an NFT and sell if on the FAN marketplace

Support and Earn

Earn just for being a supporter of your favourite team (or any other for that matter). Our network is connected to blockchain oracles to stream data from various sports resources & validate on-chain the results of the previous matches. Depending on the performance of your team you can get extra profits.

So be smart and get some tokens of the real winners apart from your team, although it hurts in your heart.

eSports Competitions

Video Games!!!!! Can’t remember of a better moment than the image of a full peperoni pizza, a frozen beer, no responsibilities and about to begin my long-awaited AAA new sports game. Well, now add to all of that earning money while doing so. Goddamnit I’m having low blood sugar just for thinking about it.

Compete defending your team by challenging other Fan Club Token holders. Represent your team, beat others at eSports games and earn huge rewards. Or if you have no finger coordination at all and can’t play, simply bet on other players for the victory! Hmm sweet sweet broken controllers…

Hit first, hit big

Drumroll, please.

The first voted by community Fan’s Club Token to launch is… tada!!! $RMFT

Following by the $LAKFT and the $COWFT!

Stay alert because your favourite tokens are about to come!

The FANs base is BSC

Tech stuff. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is our base for the launch. It’s fast, democratic & simply the best environment to launch great decentralized things.

Just the very best for you, dearies… muack.

— —


Show me the money, Jerry.

$FAN — FAN Protocol Token

100m Total Supply

  1. 15% Team

2. 15% Marketing and Community

3. 30% Liquidity Pool — Locked for 6 months

4. 40% DAO Treasury

$RMFT — Real Madrid Fan Token

50m Total Supply

  1. 15% Team

2. 20% Reward Pool

3. 15% Marketing and community

4. 50% Liquidity Pool — Locked for 6 months

— —

BSC pancake pool: Start buying those tokens!



— —




The ultimate sports blockchain protocol. Exclusive Fan’s NFTs, team events and activities, fair betting pools, and Fan Tokens for Defi applications…